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Our aim is to help mining companies to become more sustainable by offering digital solutions for minimizing waste of energy, increased safety and better management of any mining operation.

Mining 4.0

ThingWave have been leading innovation in the use of advanced Industrial Internet of Things in mining applications. We call this Mining 4.0, and it is our approach to help our customers and partners to increase sustainability, improve safety for workers while enabling higher productivity. 


Digitalized Ground Support™

Fall of Ground (FoG) events is one of the main reasons for injuries and fatalities in mining. Surveys have shown that the average cost for an FoG event can be in excess of USD 2 million, and the safety for workers is of course priceless.  ThingWave have therefore pioneered the use of state of the art IoT technologies for ground support monitoring.


Our high-performance sensors are integrated with cable- or rock bolts and can detect deformations with better than 1 mm resolution. Anomalies are detected and transmitted in real-time to ThingWave Cloud, where alarms are sent out to alerts to mining companies so that can the appropriate action. This increases safety for workings, ensures that production can run smoothly and reduces waste of energy. This is good for mining companies, workers and their families, and the environment. 

ThingWave RealMine3D™

ThingWave RealMine3D is a mining extension offered to mine customers. It is a 3D environment running inside ThingWave Cloud and can show IoT sensor data in real-time about deformation in walls and ceilings, show the position of machines, equipment and staff and visualize anomalies in full 3D.


RealMine3D enables a mine's control room to see what is happening deep down in the mine with the use of advanced sensors and cameras and provides a holistic solution for managing large amounts of sensors and complex information flow. 

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