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Mining 4.0™

ThingWave have been leading innovation in the use of advanced Industrial Internet of Things in mining applications. We call this Mining 4.0, and it is our approach to help our customers and partners to increase sustainability, improve safety for workers while enabling higher productivity.  With ThingWave's digital solutions, we can help our customers with Green insights, where information from sensors and AI can be used to increase safety for workers, reduce energy consumption, and increase production.


Digital Twins

Knowledge is power! That has never been more true than in underground mining. Travelling around in a mine can be very time consuming, use fuel and cause emissions. ThingWave's digitalization suite of IoT sensors, Cloud, 3D visualization etc can reduce costs for safety inspections, optimize maintenance and productions while contributing to a sustainable mining operation.

ThingWave's different products, systems and solutions can be used to create Digital Twins of valuable assets, and allow remote monitoring. 


Digitalized Ground Support

ThingWave's Smart rock bolt technology enables wireless condition monitoring of rock- and cable bolts. With our breakthrough technology, ThingWave's offers geo technicians and mine engineers the ability to monitor changes of deformation of tunnels, drives, and galleries in real-time.


If a rock bolt breaks or extends beyond its capabilities, an alarm is sent using e-mail, SMS, or to the ThingWave mobile phone app.


Smart ventilation

Ventilation is a major energy consumer in underground mining. In a modern mine, ventilation can be attributed to up to 30% of the consumed energy. This leads to substantial energy costs with high CO2 emissions as consequence.

ThingWave's aim is the help the mining industry to be as sustainable as possible. we have therefore developed IoT sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, gas concentrations, fan vibrations, RPM, etc. When more information is available for ventilation control and optimizations, it is possible to reduce energy waste, while ensuring a safe working environment for staff.

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