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ThingWave's wireless Rock Bolt Monitoring device (RBM-SR ) can sense deformations (elongation) on rock bolts in tunnels 24/7, thus providing data for situational awareness in real-time. RBM-SR can sense deformations up to 90mm, and is therefore suitable for standard rock bolts, cable bolts, and high-performance bolts. All data is transmitted wirelessly to ThingWave Cloud. RBM-SR is fully integrated into ThingWave's Underground Digital Platform.



  • ThingWave’s IoT platform gives a full overview of deformations in tunnels
  • Sensor information is encrypted and securely stored
  • Alarm generation
  • Visualization of sensor data
  • Easy setup


*Lifetime 10+ years under normal operation

Rock Bolt Monitor RBM-SR™

SKU: RBM-SR 1x-1/0#
    • Measures elongation up to 90 mm, single channel
    • Wirelesscommunication
    • Battery powered
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