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ThingWave's RealMine3D solution is an advanced tool for visualizing a mine in full 3D. Data from sensors, equipment, machines, position data, etc. can be integrated and visualized in real-time using a standard web browser. 

ThingWave RealMine3D makes the creation of Digital Twins a possibility and allows end-users to easily see the status of a large number of different resources simultaneously, giving valuable business decision support.


Data integration

ThingWave RealMine3D runs on top of ThingWave Cloud and has access to all data (both historical and streaming), files, assets, and alarms. Furthermore, position data can also be integrated so the location of assets such as machines, equipment, vehicles, as well as staff can be displayed in real-time.

In addition, it is also possible to integrate data from existing mine software systems and display any type of data inside RealMine3D.


3D visualization

RealMine3D gives users a 3D environment to navigate in.  There are three ways to get a digital representation in 3D of mine:

  1. Convert a regular 2D map to 3D

  2. Upload a 3D CAD model

  3. Upload a real laser scanned model

When the digital representation is done, RealMine3D can display a wide range of information types in real-time for users using just a modern web browser. No need to install anything on users' computers. RealMine3D even works on mobile phones and tablets.

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