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Smart Logistics

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ThingWave’s Smart Logistics solutions enable real-time tracking, business intelligence, and actionable recommendations to reduce disruptions in the logistics chain, thus reducing mitigation times from days to hours (or even minutes).

Our logistics platform can handle hundreds of thousands of position updates per second and store vast amounts of data.

Asset tracking

ThingWave's Asset management solution provides automatic tracking of important assets across the entire value chain. Knowing where key assets, tools, and equipment greatly reduce the time wasted looking for missing or misplaced assets. Further, additional benefits of asset tracking are that an enterprise can optimize deliveries, performe just in time management and issue cold chain guarantees.


Cold chain monitoring

ThingWave's cold chain monitoring solutions use our state-of-the-art Internet of Things platform to continually monitor temperature-sensitive products such as fish, meat, vegetables, etc. under transport. Thereby, the supply chain's delivery quality of perishable and/or temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages is increased.


Make better decisions with real-time data

ThingWave's logistics IoT platform enables situational awareness of tens of thousands of pallets in real-time, with geo-fencing, cold chain tracking, and much more.  A major issue is lacking real-time information that logistics managers require to make fast, accurate business decisions. ThingWave offers not only technology solutions in terms of asset tracking, fleet management, and supply chain monitoring, but also process optimization services where we together with customers and partners review and optimize any industrial process towards key KPIs.

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