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Our solutions

Innovation is the key to solving today's challenges in sustainability, safety, energy efficiency, and corporate social responsibility. ThingWave, a spin-off from Luleå University of Technology, has innovation as our core value. We believe that the new digitalization technologies available today are important building blocks to make mines, industries, and cities smarter and better. Our concept of "Green insights", where we help our customers to gather information about physical resources such as mine tunnels, machines, equipment, devices, and even staff. By having information about potential problems, hazards and resource inefficiency, we can help our customers to deliver sustainable, safe and efficient operation 24/7.


ThingWave Cloud™

ThingWave's Cloud technology platform (called Universe) enables our customers to manage all their IoT needs! Universe can create a digital representation of mine tunnels, equipment, devices and resources, or locations in 2D or 3D. Inside this virtual environment, users can display data from sensors or machines, alarms, and locations of entities. in real-time. By knowing the status of valuable resources, better business decisions can be taken! Universe also handles devices and can be used for remote software upgrades, commissioning etc.

ThingWave Cloud also seamlessly handles ThingWave Mesh gateways and IoT devices and supports data injection using a variety of protocols and data formats.

ThingWave Reality™

ThingWave Reality is an advanced tool that enables the creation of digital twins in mining, industrial applications, and manufacturing. Reality allows users to navigate resources and locations in full 3D (either in wire-frame or rendered with textures). Reality also allows 3D data from scans to be directly imported or automatically convert a 2D map into glorious 3D.

ThingWave Reality™ runs inside ThingWave Cloud™ and has access to all stored data, alarms, etc. 

Reality can import both 3D and 3D maps, as well as convert 2D maps into full 3D.


ThingWave Nucleus™

ThingWave Nucleus is a versatile IoT platform.  Nucleus™ primarily handles data from ThingWave's Wi-Fi-based devices and can be used for Condition monitoring, Predictive maintenance, logistics, etc. ThingWave Nucleus™ is about managing valuable data for our customers and can store received data in a high-performance time-series database or scalable Object storage. All data transmitted from our devices, gateways, cloud, phones, etc. is always transferred with the highest levels of encryption.


ThingWave App 

Our Android mobile phone app connects to ThingWave Cloud (Universe™).  The app can be used to visualize sensor data, view the status of devices, and receive alerts and alarms.

ThingWave Cloud App is available on Google Play. 


ThingWave Galaxy™

ThingWave Galaxy is an IoT software that powers our Mesh gateways. ThingWave Galaxy manages the gateway hardware, including connectivity, security and visualization. Galaxy can also connect to ThingWave Cloud and forward data coming from ThingWave's Mesh and Wi-Fi devices. 

Financial Report

Alarms & Reports

ThingWave's internal analytics engine can create alarms and reports automatically. Alarms can be set up to take action when certain conditions are met. Al alarm can be sent out using e-mail, SMS or to ThingWave's mobile phone app.

Reports in PDF format can also be attached with information about the alarm, including text, plots and pictures.. 

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