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Image by Crystal Kwok

Condition monitoring

Let data give your business a competitive edge


Condition monitoring is a crucial aspect of modern industrial processes and infrastructure management. It involves continuously assessing the health and performance of machinery, equipment, and structures to detect any anomalies or signs of potential failures.

Wireless sensors have revolutionized the way we monitor the health and performance of critical assets due to their numerous advantages. They are cost-effective, easy to install and provide real-time data acquisition, thereby allowing remote continuous monitoring of equipment. 

ThingWave’s Industrial IoT technology provides three different communication platforms for our mote products depending on the requirements of the application:

       Mesh Network
       LTE & 5G

Our IoT solutions deliver high performance, security, robust networking, and unlimited sensing capabilities. They can be adapted to meet our customers’ requirements in terms of sensing, signal processing, encapsulation, etc.


The battery lifetime depends on the specific application, reaching up to 10 years for many realtime monitoring applications. The installation and integration are simple, just turn on the power and the devices will connect to the network immediately. 

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