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Vaccine Production Line

Industry 4.0

Unlesh the full potential of your production line!

Circuit Board Repair

ThingWave’s IoT solution 

for industrial applications

makes the production chain more efficient through optimized utilisation of resources and assets. 

The core of ThingWave’s Industry 4.0 solution is ThingWave Cloud, a high-performance IoT system for storage and visualization of data, advanced analytics, real-time data processing and alarms. ThingWave Cloud can manage data from ThingWave’s own sensors and systems as well as ingest information from third-party equipment, data sources and databases. ThingWave’s digital platform delivers real-time data and decision support.

Car Factory
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Industrial Internet of Things IIoT

IIoT serves as a new vision of IoT in the industrial sector by automating smart objects for sensing, collecting, processing, and communicating the real-time events in industrial operations.

The major objective of IIoT is to achieve high operational efficiency, increased productivity, and better management of industrial assets and processes.

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Process optimization

Optimizing manufacturing processes for efficiency can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

The advent of smart manufacturing simplifies the exploitation of data provided by whole production plants, individual machines, or single sensors, enabling machine learning at different stages of complexity.

Machine Learning exploits data collected to find complex, non-linear patterns in data, and transform them into models, which are then applied to fine-tuning process parameters, resulting in process optimization.

Operational excellence_edited.png

Operational Excellence

The simplest definition of operational excellence is when an entire  organisation collaborates on achieving successively higher levels of quality, efficiency and performance.

Built on the idea that what gets measured, gets managed, data-driven operational excellence KPIs not only drives a business to new innovations and efficiencies to fulfil customers’ needs, it also highlights which of their site metrics are levers to improve.

Condition monitoring

condition monitoring for wireless sensor

Early recognition of vibration changes is a key to avoid future damage!

All machines are subject to vibrations. A rise in vibrations is detrimental to machine health. ThingWave helps to prevent unplanned downtime caused by most common failure modes of fixed and variable-speed motors through condition monitoringBy vibration monitoring, a misalignment, imbalance, looseness, bearing defects and cavitation can be identify, thus provide upcoming anomaly detection far in advance of the occurrence.

Vibration monitoring sensors VMS

provided by ThingWave

ThingWave’s VMS sensors are designed for applications such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. High volumes of baseline data can be refined into simple patterns via Machine Learning algorithms to provide insight to equipment performance or predict breakdowns before they occur.

Water hammers brochure.jpg

VMS showed good results and stable functionality while used in the medical industry within different projects since the beginning of 2018. We could follow up the production process of machinery by identifying if the machine is being used or on standby. Furthermore, we could also follow up vibrations in pumps and detect water hammer in complex pipe systems. Collected data was sent into our cloud solution UniverseTM and analysed via Machine learning to find the optimal functionality for quality and efficiency. 

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