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Operational Excellence

What that gets measured, gets managed!

Operational Excellence is the collaborative effort of an organization to consistently achieve higher levels of quality, efficiency, and performance.


ThingWave embraces this concept by utilizing data-driven strategies, including OEE KPIs, condition monitoring, and process optimization technologies. These approaches lead to business innovations, enhanced quality, and maximized efficiencies, all rooted in the belief that measuring and managing performance is the key to success.

Operational excellence_maj 2023_web.jpg

Process optimization


Condition monitoring

Showcase in real time your process performance through a single OEE KPI

Provide condition monitoring of critical equipment and processes to support preventative and predictive maintenance requirements

Minimise equipment downtime and maintenance costs

Consolidation of data from other sources (ERP, LIMS, SCADA & other databases)

Use Machine Learning to transform data and knowledge into actionable outcomes, leading and process optimisation

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