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Digitalized Ground Support™

Fall of Ground (FoG) events is one of the main reasons for injuries and fatalities in mining. Surveys have shown that the average cost for an FoG event can be in excess of USD 2 million, and the safety for workers is of course priceless.  ThingWave has therefore pioneered the use of state-of-the-art IoT technologies for ground support monitoring.


Our high-performance sensors are integrated with cable- or rock bolts and can detect deformations with better than 1 mm resolution. Anomalies are detected and transmitted in real-time to ThingWave Cloud, where alarms are sent out to alerts to mining companies so that can the appropriate action. This increases safety for workings, ensures that production can run smoothly, and reduces waste of energy. This is good for mining companies, workers and their families, and the environment.


Smart rock bolts

ThingWave's Smart rock bolt technology enables wireless condition monitoring of rock- and cable bolts. With our breakthrough technology, ThingWave's offers geo technicians and mine engineers the ability to monitor changes of deformation of tunnels, drives, and galleries in real-time. If a rock bolt breaks or extends beyond its capabilities, an alarm is sent using e-mail, SMS, or to the ThingWave mobile phone app.


ThingWave currently has two different versions: RBM-XR with more than 350 mm elongation sensing range, and RBM-SR with up to 90 mm range. Live data from Smart bolts can be sent using our high-performance mesh technology, Wi-Fi, or 5G to ThingWave Cloud. Typical elongation resolution is 1 mm, so even small changes in deformations can be detected.


Fall of Ground detectors

Fall of Ground (FoG) events is one of the main cause of injuries and production stops. Often, Fall of Ground events can be very costly. They can cost tens of millions of dollars in more severe cases, and often several million dollars. In some cases, they cause injuries and even deaths. 

Today, geophones are often used to detect seismic events in underground mines. However, geophones cannot detect very small events, such as rocks that fall down or very small rock bursts.

ThingWave's FoG detections work as a complement to modern geophone-based solutions to detect even very small local events.

Convergence sensors

Convergence happens when tunnels and drives deform due to ground pressure. Large deformations can lead to rock bursts and cave-ins. These events can be very dangerous for workers, damage machines and equipment, and halt production. ThingWave's Smart bolt monitoring solution can be used to detect deformation on rock bolts, but sometimes additional sensor data is needed.

ThingWave has therefore developed a laser-based convergence sensor that wirelessly transmits distance data. Just place the sensor on a wall and aim it at the other side. If the tunnel is deforming, the sensor will detect a difference in distance and report an anomaly.

Convergence sensors_for Wix_edited.jpg
Tilt sensor for Wix.jpg

Tilt sensors

ThingWave's Tilt sensors can be used to detect changes in tilt. Just place the tilt sensor device on a wall, ceiling or support structure. If there is a change in tilt due to deformations or changes in ground pressure, an alarm can be sent out to staff to inform them about the changing situation.

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