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Mining 4.0

Safety first!

ThingWave’s digital platform 

for underground mines and tunnels 

ThingWave's aim is to transform mining companies to be more sustainable and secure. Mining 4.0 is our approach where we offer digital solutions for minimizing energy waste, increased safety and better management of any mining operation.

ThingWave has been leading digital innovations in the use of advanced Industrial Internet of Things in mining applications since 2015 after we took first prize in the IPSO Challenge competition in Silicon valley.  With ThingWave's digital solutions, you will be able to collect information from sensors and use AI for data processing.

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Digitalized Ground support

ThingWave has pioneered the use of state-of-the-art IoT technologies for ground support monitoring.


Digital Twins

ThingWave's digitalization suite of IoT sensors, Cloud, 3D visualization etc reduce costs for safety inspections, optimize maintenance and productions while contributing to a sustainable mining operation.


Smart ventilation

ThingWave helps the mining industry to be as sustainable as possible. We have therefore developed IoT sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, gas concentrations, vibrations, RPM, etc.

Image by Tom Elegeert

The Smart mine,

for a greener future!

Embracing a digital transformation in the mining industry holds the key to addressing critical challenges and meeting the increasing demand for minerals and metals. This demand is projected to surge by approximately 500% by 2050, as highlighted in the insightful report "Minerals for Climate Action" by the World Bank Group*. By leveraging technology and innovation, we can minimize the environmental impact of mining operations and efficiently utilize limited resources to achieve greater productivity.  


With ThingWave's state-of-the-art sensors seamlessly integrated into the mining process, a wealth of valuable data is continuously collected. This data is then meticulously analyzed and transmitted to the Digital Twins - a virtual replica of the mine. Using our digital platform, every aspect of the mining process can be managed, fine-tuned, and optimized, thus unlocking the potential for unparalleled performance improvements.

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