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Digital Twins

Real-time 3D copy of mines and tunnels!

Knowledge is power! That has never been more true than in underground mining. Travelling around in a mine can be very time consuming, use fuel and cause emissions.


ThingWave's digitalization suite of IoT sensors, Cloud, 3D visualization etc can reduce costs for safety inspections, optimize maintenance and productions while contributing to a sustainable mining operation.

ThingWave’s digital platform supports Digital Twins creation of mines and tunnels and allows remote monitoring



RealMine3D™ is an advanced digitalization tool developed by ThingWave. It allows us to visualize almost any asset, even entire mines and other assets, in full 3D for Digital Twins creation. 


Instant situational awareness 

even for very large underground mines!


Data from sensors, equipment, machines, position data, etc. are integrated and visualized in real-time using a standard web browser. No need to install anything on users’ computers!

RealMine3D gives users a 3D environment to navigate in.  There are three ways to get a digital representation in 3D of mine:

                Convert a regular 2D map to 3D

                Upload a 3D CAD model

                Upload a real laser scanned model

RealMine3D™  even works on mobile phones and tablets. ThingWave's RealMine3D™  runs on top of ThingWave Cloud and has access to any data (both historical and streaming), files, assets, and alarms. Furthermore, position data can also be integrated so the location of assets such as machines, equipment, vehicles, as well as staff can be displayed in real-time.

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