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Smart ventilation

Save money and retain good air quality in mines

Ventilation is a major energy consumer in underground mining. In a modern mine, ventilation can be attributed to up to 40% of the consumed electrical energy. This leads to substantial energy costs with high CO2 emissions as a result.

ThingWave's aim is the help the mining industry to be as sustainable as possible. We have therefore developed IoT sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, gas concentrations, fan vibrations, RPM, etc. When more information is available for ventilation control and optimizations, it is possible to reduce energy waste, while ensuring a safe working environment for all staff.




  • ThingWave’s IoT solution gives full overview over air quality in underground facilities (for example, mines and tunnels)

  • Sensor information is encrypted and securely stored

  • Alarm generation

  • Visualisation of sensor data

  • Replaceable filters and batteries

  • Easy setup

  • CO, NH3, O2, and NO2

ThingWave's wireless Air-Q™ sensors monitor air quality in underground facilities 24/7 providing data for situational awareness in real-time.
The Air-Q™ sensor can detect up to 4 different gases** simultaneously, with all data  transmitted wirelessly to ThingWave Cloud. The information can also be forwarded to 3rd party systems such as ventilation control, etc. The Air-Q™ sensors are fully integrated into ThingWave's Mining 4.0 underground digital platform.

*Lifetime 3-4 month (real time updates),

                    6-12 month (updates with 20

                    minutes interval)

                    12 month (powered)

** other gases are available on request

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