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High-performance Eclipse Arrowhead

ThingWave is currently developing a commercial version of Eclipse Arrowhead for high-performance industrial applications. We have implemented support for all Mandatory Core systems and a few Application support systems. This enabled us to enable our wireless IoT devices with Mesh, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connectivity to seamlessly transmit data into an Eclipse Arrowhead local cloud.

All Core systems come with an integrated Web interface so that users can change settings and monitor the performance of the system.

With support for low-latency and real-time data transmission, our Eclipse Arrowhead implementation allows high-bandwidth data streams to be used and furthermore can be used in automation applications that require low latencies. Currently, ThingWave's Eclipse Arrowhead implementation is compliant with version 4.3.0, and work is ongoing to support 4.4.0.

We are currently working with three main communication protocols; MQTT, HTTP and WebSockets, over Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 5G.

For more information about Eclipse Arrowhead, please visit:


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