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ThingWave’s wireless Air-Q™ sensors monitor air quality in underground facilities 24/7 providing data for situational awareness in real-time.

The Air-Q™ sensor can detect up to 4 gases (CO, NH3, O2, and NO2)* simultaneously, with all data transmitted wirelessly to ThingWave Cloud, Universe™. The information can also be forwarded to 3rd party systems such as ventilation control, etc.

The Air-Q™ sensors are fully integrated into ThingWave’s Underground Digital Platform Mining 4.0. 




  • ThingWave’s IoT platform gives full overview over air quality in underground facilities (for example, mines and tunnels)
  • Sensor information is encrypted and securely stored
  • Alarm generation
  • Visualisation of sensor data
  • Replaceable filters and batteries
  • Easy setup


* other gases are available on request

**Lifetime 3-4 months (real-time updates)

                     6-12 months (updates with 20 minutes interval)

                     12 months (powered)

Air Quality Sensor Air-Q™

SKU: Air-Q 4x-1/0/#
    • Up to 4 gas sensors (CO, NH3, O2, NO2)*
    • Wireless communication
    • Battery or 5V powered (replaceable)
    • Portable
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