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ThingWave’s Mesh Gateway manages all ThingWave's wireless sensors. MeshGateway can visualize sensor data, configure the sensors, and forward data to ThingWave Cloud, Universe. Galaxy is ThingWave’s gateway software. Galaxy enables users to interact with wireless sensors directly and is used to configure the gateway.



  • Enables sensor data from wireless devices to be stored, visualized, and forwarded to ThingWave Cloud
  • Data storage: 12, 32 or 64 GB
  • Remote controlled from ThingWave Cloud
  • Alarm generation•Up to 100 wireless sensors can be connected
  • LTE can be added on request

Mesh Gateway

SKU: TMG-1/0
    • Manages a mesh sensor network
    • Mesh, Wi-Fi, andEthernet
    • Lite cloud app: Galaxy
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