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ThingWave's wireless Vibration Monitor Sensors VMS™ keeps vibrations under surveillance in real-time. The VMS™ unit can detect motion on up to three-axis with a sample rate of up to 46 kHz. Collected data is streamed wirelessly to ThingWave Nucleus or Eclipse Arrowhead. The VMS™ supports transmission of raw data as well as processed data streams*.

VMS™ is fully integrated into ThingWave's Digital Platform.



  • ThingWave’s IoT vibration sensors provide real-time vibration data streams
  • Sensor information is encrypted and securely stored
  • Alarm generation
  • Visualization of sensor data
  • DC powered
  • Configurable filters and processing
  • Configurable data rate and sample rate
  • Remote software updates are available over the air

Vibration Monitor Sensor VMS™

SKU: VMS-X1/X2/M1/M2
    • 1-3 axis accelerometer*
    • Up to 23 kHz**
    • Wireless
    • DC powered
    • Arrowhead compliant
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