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Connect things that matter!

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the digitalization, providing innovative and tailored solutions to lead your business into the future. With a team of skilled experts and a deep understanding of the digital landscape, we offer products and digital solutions designed to enhance your streamline operations and boost your bottom line.

Furthermore, we assist our customers  to reduce their carbon footprint by optimization of their production line. 

ThingWave's core competencies:

ThingWave offers a digital platform and state of the art IoT solutions for a range of industrial applications. From safety enhancement and predictive maintenance to logistics and underground mining, ThingWave's versatile digital platform assists customers throughout the entire digitalization value chain.

Success stories

What do our customers  say?

Wooden Hut

"Outokumpu has been using ThingWave's system for online monitoring for the last two years. The use of real-time monitoring of the status in the ground support provides useful insights and helps us to better track what is happening with deformations in the tunnels. Connectivity and Digitalization enable us to work more efficiently and take decisions based on real data."

Markus Niemelä
Rock Mechanics at Outokumpu, Kemi

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