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ThingWave, much more than just Smart rock bolts!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Now it is time to release parts of the exciting results that we have been developing in the last months.

Digital Twin example on a mine

The most obvious thing to mention is that we have replaced our old website. The new site is adding extra features that we hope you will like. Related to this, just mention that is our new domain. As far as we are growing this was a natural step to take. The domains ".eu" and "" are redirected to ".com" and also the emails that you send to us to will be automatically redirected to

We have also the pleasure to announce our new logo. It has been adjusted to improve the visualization of different sizes and colors. Here is how it looks:

The new ThingWave logo

At ThingWave, we think that the Earth is our most precious thing, and we really believe that we can help to take care of it. For that reason, we are primarily focusing on sustainability. Our products and solutions all help to make industrial processes run more efficiently, with fewer unplanned stops and improved safety for workers. Our solutions are mainly targeted at the mining industry, manufacturing and processing, Smart cities, and logistics. One example of how ThingWave can help our customers to reduce their energy consumption while increasing the safety for staff is our new Air-Q™ device.

The Air-Q™ device

As we wrote in the title, ThingWave is much more than smart rock bolts! ThingWave started after winning the IPSO Challenge with the Smart Rock Bolt, so it is normal that people relate smart rock bolts with ThingWave. But during all these years, we have been working on our Digitalized Ground Support (DGS) solutions and how to bring sustainability to the mining industry. We have improved our Smart Rockbolts with new sensor solutions, new communication technologies, and solutions such as RBM-SR™ and RBM-XR™ (more are coming). We have released new products like the Air-Q™ to monitor the quality of the air. After the summer, we have added support to inject data from clients' devices and machines into ThingWave Universe™, so now we can bring in our data as well as customer data directly into our revolutionary RealMine3D system. This approach enables Digital Twins to be created of underground mines as well as in the industry.

So clients can see their installations, equipment, and devices in a 3D environment, with real-time visualization and processing of data. By integrating a lot of data sources into one environment, we can run AI-based optimization on data, because a lean process is a clean process!

And last but not the least, we are now actively working with Smart Cities. We believe that the use of new technologies like 5G and AI, with sensors and actuators, can help to improve the quality of life for inhabitants while addressing challenges in sustainability and climate change mitigation. We will release more information about this new concept in the coming months.

More devices, features, and solutions will be released shortly! If you have any questions just contact us, and we are happy to set up a meeting.


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