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RBM-VX™ is the future of ground support monitoring!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

ThingWave is proud to present RBM-VX™ - the future of ground support monitoring! The demand for advanced monitoring solutions increases as mines goes deeper and deeper in the hunt for precious metals and minerals. In the world's transition towards a greener society, the need for raw materials like copper, steel, gold, and other metals, and minerals, has never been more important.  Electrification of the world is based on electrical motors and wind turbines, thus driving the demand for important metals.

ThingWave’s rock bolt monitor RBM-VX™ is capable of detecting ground deformation in tunnels by sensing elongation and rupture of rock bolts, even pinpointing the exact location of the rupture along a rock bolt. The RBM-VX™ sensor data is therefore invaluable for geotechnical teams to understand deformations and seismicity deep down! Fall-of-ground events are among the most common reasons for injuries and production disturbances. Fall of ground events can often result in costs in millions of dollars, and a human life is of course priceless.

ThingWave’s rock bolt monitoring sensor – RBM-VX™ has the following features:

• measure bolt elongation up to 40 mm with 0.1 mm resolution as well as measure bolt rupture and vibrations,

• supports resin and concrete grouting by jumbo with no, or minimal, human interaction,

• deformation data can be visualized in ThingWave’s tool for Digital Twins – RealMine3D,

• lifetime is up to 10 years on a single battery,

• supports 5G and LTE,

• fully integrated into ThingWave’s Mining 4.0 digital platform,

• wireless mesh technology that is powering the RBM-VX™ supports thousands of devices in the same network.

We have been successfully testing the RBM-VX™ in active mines to be able to assess the sensing performance, robustness, and connectivity. The data we have collected has resulted in new knowledge in how rock masses move due to ground pressure and blasting! We have been able to track wall movements in real-time using 5G connected devices.

The RBM-VX™ represets a significant leap in ground support monitoring capabilities, doing away with the hassles of legacy sensor solutions based on cables with time-consuming installations as a result. The RBM-VX™ also enables other digitalization opportunities such as fine-grain positioning, improved ventilation control and production efficiency. The use of ThingWave´s Mining 4.0 digital platform results in savings of tens of millions of dollars per year!

A BIG thanks to our partners who have supported us with their expertise, know-how and opportunities to test the new device in the field! We are now looking for mines that want to join us on our journey toward zero fatalities! The most important thing that comes out of a mine is the workers!

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