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SmartTag technology for Smart Logistics

SmartTag technology is ThingWave’s state-of-the-art Real Time Location System (RTLS) platform. Each SmartTag sends wireless messages continuously about its relative position to ThingWave Gateways within range. The gateways then send the position data to ThingWave Cloud for additional processing. Next step is forwarding data to Logtrade Connected Goods platform to read assets events.

Due to the small size and low weight the system can be easy deployed and added to shipping goods, assets or equipment. When fully deployed, the ThingWave’s RTLS solution enable asset tracking and both 2D and 3D positioning in real time. Additional sensors can be added to provide more information about the logistics chain.

  • Keeps assets under surveillance 24/7

  • Small size (70x50x17 mm)

  • Weight 40 gr

  • Lifetime 24-36 month on a single battery

  • Mesh and UWB radio capacity

  • Simple setup

  • Fully integrated with Thingwave’s IoT data platform

  • Supports up to 1’000 SmartTags in use simultaneously

  • IP 54

  • 1 meter accuracy


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